13 Sep 2017

the benefits of college athletics

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From Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, insights on the benefits of college athletics participation.


06 Sep 2017

student voice on athletics reform

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Number of Twitter followers:

@UWMadison: 166K

Starting five players on 2016-17 UW men’s basketball team: 252K

As matters of welfare, competition, and support will increasingly be explored, student-athletes have bigger platforms that ever before. Read more

04 Sep 2017

the snowballing youth sports industry

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Several observations on the rapidly expanding youth sports industry: Read more

01 Sep 2017

texas student homelessness after the storm

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The disastrous effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt in schools. Over a million children could be without homes. Schools and communities will be challenged to work through this together. The strength and courage of Texas families — buoyed by the support of all who love and support them — will be seen in these months ahead.

01 Sep 2017

admirability in sports

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It’s great to see nine Big Ten schools are rated “above the line” here in the way their football programs are operated. On this “admirability scale,” UW-Madison was rated tops…

29 Aug 2017

honest coaches

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Head basketball coaches are important leaders on our campuses. Along with teaching skills, their honesty and integrity are essential. It’s good to see four Big Ten coaches are viewed favorably in this regard.

15 Aug 2017

lessons from Stanford Athletics

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Stanford University has a long history in leading innovation across a variety of fields. In athletics, Stanford was the first major program to actively implement a full women’s program in accordance with Title IX and, back in the days of athletic director Joe Ruetz and football coach Bill Walsh, was one of the Read more

12 Aug 2017

lessons from Vanderbilt athletics

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At Vanderbilt, student-athletes are afforded opportunities to study abroad, to partake in summer internships to their increase career readiness, and to visit and learn about the good work being done in the broader Nashville community. Student-athletes are cultivated as responsible civic actors. Read more

08 Aug 2017

engaging the community

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Another example of JP hair design — the best barbershop in town — meeting the needs of our local community. This will be an awesome event that will serve so many children and families.

Read more

06 Feb 2017

with whom do we interact?

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“research shows that face-to-face discussion has a strong impact on cooperation through its effects on bonds, social contracts, and group identitiy…” (kiesler & cummings, 2002) Read more