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considering a homeless education research agenda…

Studies that employ longitudinal, mixed-method designs have particular promise for cultivating deep and authentic understandings of students’ experiences before and after periods of homelessness. Most empirical studies in the field to date have used quantitative measures to learn about issues such as student achievement, psychosocial perceptions, and physical/emotional health at specific points in time and, […]

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Considering Education Action Zones

As we consider the development of Promise Neighborhoods and other “place-based” reform initiatives, I think there are valuable lessons to be gleaned from the international context. Refer, for example, to Power, et al.’s (2004) examination of “Education Action Zones” in England: (“Paving a third way? A policy trajectory analysis of education action zones”)

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Gatherings of Superintendents and Liaisons in Madison

On May 17 there were two important gatherings among key stakeholders in Dane County’s “homeless education community.” First, a number of superintendents from around the region assembled to discuss homelessness in its various forms and to express their thoughts about engaging the issue. Afterward, a several local homeless liaisons led a session for 40-50 other […]

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