04 Sep 2017

the snowballing youth sports industry

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Several observations on the rapidly expanding youth sports industry:

  1. the privatization of youth sports has increased costs for families, making opportunity less accessible for many
  2. youth sports are increasingly framed as an opportunity mechanism (a means to a scholarship) rather than a social and developmental mechanism (a means for fun and personal growth)
  3. many expectations associated with youth sports are unrealistic (on 2% of high school athletes make D1) and place heightened pressure on kids
  4. the youth sports industry encourages year-round focus on single sports — nudging other sports and activities out of the picture for many young children. almost all research suggests that early specialization like this is not good.
  5. many of the coaches associated with youth sports lack training/expertise and have questionable motivations ($$$$) for being involved in youth sports.
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