1. Preparing Individuals With Significant Disabilities To Live, Work And Play In Integrated Society: Basic Instructional Concepts
  2. Students With Significant Disabilities In Integrated Home Schools
  3. Preparing Individuals With Disabilities To Function Productively In The Real World of Work
  4. The Integrated Post School Vocational Functioning Of Fifty Workers With Significant Disabilities
  5. Educational Standards for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities

Equipment and Arrangements Needed for Presentations

Thank you for asking me to work with you and yours. As we agreed, I will make a power point presentation of approximately 275,000 kilobytes. I will bring the presentation on a one gigabyte flash drive. In addition, at least the following are needed.

  • A screen that is large enough for the size and distance of the audience.
  • A room that can be darkened so all can see the screen clearly.
  • A computer that is running the Windows Vista Operating System or one that can accommodate Power Point 2007.
  • An LCD projector with a minimum resolution of 600 x 800.
  • A wireless lavaliere microphone that will allow me to walk from left to right in front of the audience.
  • A wireless mouse that uses radio frequency (rf) technology that will allow me to advance and revisit the power point slides manually from a distance of about 30 feet from the computer.

Please realize that this equipment and the associated arrangements are extremely important. Indeed, I cannot make the presentation without them. Thank you for your assistance and please contact me if you experience difficulties.