Lou Brown, Professor Emeritus

321 – 432 – 4042

lubrown@earthlink.net           louis.brown@wisc.edu


955 Chatsworth Drive

Melbourne, Florida     32940 – 2175

                                                                                                      Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education

431 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Hill

University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin    53706


VITA – JUNE 10, 2016

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This website affords interested persons information about many of the professional activities of Lou Brown. It is divided into seven sections. Please click on the menu item in which you are interested. The “Selected Publications” section contains a listing of most of the journal articles, books, chapters, curricular manuals, assessment strategies, videotapes, etc. of Lou Brown. Some of the products listed can be obtained best, or only, from the primary sources. Most that are highlighted are saved in rich text format (RTF) and can be downloaded directly by clicking on the titles. Many can be downloaded in Microsoft Word. This is to encourage local individualizations.