Presentation 2

Students with Significant Disabilities in Integrated Home Schools

Information about at least the following will be presented:

  • The effects of environments on basic life qualities
  • The segregationist dream – the integrationist dream
  • The Madison Social Relationship Inventory – developing eating, travel, tutor, extracurricular activity, after school and weekend relationships, supportive companions in regular education classes and friendships
  • Exclusion, segregated private centers, segregated schools, clustered schools, special classes in regular schools, special classes in home schools and integrated classes in home schools
  • Time in regular education classes – the 0% club and the 100% club
  • Generating meaningful experiences in regular education settings
  • Determining subjects, activities, objectives, instructional groupings, learning opportunities, performance criteria, transfer and practice responsibilities, evaluation strategies, instructional materials, teachers and teaching strategies
  • Integrated research teams
  • Special education as a place
  • Resistance to integrated schooling
  • Post high school outcomes and non outcomes
  • Kinds of diplomas
  • Portfolios
  • School only instruction
  • Authentic assessment and authentic instruction
  • Restructuring high schools, the buyout option, the finishing school