Presentation 1

Preparing Individuals With Significant Disabilities to Live, Work and Play in Integrated Society: Basic Instructional Concepts

Information about at least the following will be communicated:

  • Characteristics of dangerous and safe environments
  • Legal entitlements and discretionary services
  • Developing motivation to achieve – a work ethic
  • Problems with normal human development based concepts
  • Chronological age appropriateness
  • The principle of partial participation and individualized adaptations
  • Learning & performance difficulties and how to accommodate them
  • Strategies for determining what to teach – why to teach it – where to teach it – what instructional materials to use – what performance criteria to seek – how to verify transfer and practice – how to measure progress – who should teach it and how to teach it

Authentic assessment and instruction, functional skills, top down and bottom up curriculum development strategies, ecological inventory strategies, the discrepancy analysis technique, social relationship inventories, horizontal and vertical enhancement, vocational milieu inventories and the minimally acceptable standards of integrated society will be addressed as time permits.