Presentation 3

The Quest for Ordinary Life: Preparing Individuals With Disabilities to Function Productively in the Real World of Work

Information about at least the following will be communicated:

  • More disabled, live longer, outlive parents, age sooner, more expensive
  • Educational entitlements and post school discretionary services
  • Tragic post school outcomes of millions of individuals with disabilities
  • The segregationist dream – the integrationist dream
  • What is an integrated work environment
  • What is Chamber of Commerce work
  • Diplomas and other non post school outcomes
  • School only instruction and job readiness
  • Authentic vocational assessment and instruction
  • A job vs real work
  • Artificial and natural supervision
  • Horizontal and vertical enhancement
  • A vocational preparation curriculum development strategy: generating work opportunities, conducting job analyses, matching workers with jobs, providing authentic assessment and instruction, shifting to natural supervision and arranging needed postschool supports
  • Ten job development strategies: parent dream lists, worker preferences, job development circles, personal relationships, vendor lists, employer referrals, canvassing, corporate commitments, quid pro quo and environments first
  • Functioning in multiple settings
  • Social relationships at work
  • How to keep unemployment high
  • How to reduce unemployment
  • Why enclaves are unacceptable
  • Restructuring high schools, the buyout option, the finishing school