06 Sep 2016

principles for a sound offense…and more

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Tex Winter described a sound offense as depending upon these principles:

  1. The offense must penetrate the defense.
  2. The offense must involve a full-court game.
  3. The offense must provide proper spacing.
  4. The offense must ensure player and ball movement with a purpose.
  5. The offense must provide strong rebounding position and good defensive balance on all shots.
  6. The offense must give the player with the ball an opportunity to pass the ball to any teammate.
  7. The offense must utilize the players’ individual skills.


These principles are technical in that they prescribe on-court movements and priorities.

Alongside such technical principles, coaches must develop deeper principles that underlie collective team beliefs and commitments. Designing, supporting, and sustaining these principles is among the most critical aspects of coaching practice.

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