01 Nov 2012

cross-sector coordination in the US and beyond

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The widespread devastation of Hurricane Sandy provide another clear reminder of how “everyday things” like shelter, food, safety, and transportation can quickly be swept away. Andrew Zolli’s recent book “Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back” sheds some interesting light on how capacity to respond to such events and occurrences can be more purposefully developed.

One of Zolli’s most poignant insights in my opinion, is his description of “the power of clusters.” We are most resilient when we live, work, and act collectively. In the near aftermath of Sandy, we are already witnessing the power of collective response in New York, New Jersey, and beyond and, while it is encouraging that people and organizations are working together to engage this disaster, it certainly raises questions as to how we can better anticipate and prepare for such events in more collective and strategic fashions. Zolli puts forth some interesting ideas about such preparedness in his book. Along with some of my excellent graduate students, I too am interested in learning more about the coordination of diverse people and organizations to support flourishing communities in the US and beyond. We study schools, organizations, and communities and their intersecting attempts to cultivate social, professional, and educational opportunities for all.

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