27 May 2010

Homeless Education Network in Pittsburgh

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A host of resourceful community stakeholders, including the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, the Allegheny Department of Human Services, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and Duquesne University, have come together to form the “Homeless Education Network” (HEN)– an attempt to develop a comprehensive system of service meeting the needs of the expanding population of homeless children and families in Allegheny County, PA. HEN is an intriguing example of community members coming together to address the complexities associated with education and family homelessness. It is particularly appealing given the typically fragmented nature of services that are provided to these students. For more information about HEN, contact the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (homelessfund.org) or feel free to e-mail me (pmmiller2@wisc.edu) to learn about research related to HEN.

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