17 May 2010

Promise Neighborhoods

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The development of “Promise Neighborhoods” in a number of urban areas throughout the U.S. is an interesting — and, in my opinion, exciting — element of President Obama’s education plan. These comprehensive community education programs will seek to replicate aspects of the Harlem Children’s Zone’s (hcz.org) philosophy of action. This Promise Neighborhood plan will necessarily bring many community-based folks into the mix. Check out UNCA — an organization that could unfold as a key player…

United Neighborhood Centers of America (UNCA) is a voluntary, nonprofit, national organization with neighborhood-based member agencies throughout the United States. Formerly known as the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, it was founded in 1911 by Jane Addams and other pioneers of the settlement movement. UNCA members build neighborhoods with neighbors. More information about UNCA is available at www.unca.org.


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