GLS Philosophy Reading Group

In 2006 I helped organize the Games, Learning and Society Philosophy Reading group.  We meet for a couple of hours every month to discuss a manageable sized chunk of a text that everyone in the groups thinks ought to be read as a 21st century education scholar.

Here are some examples of authors we have read recently:

Gayatri Spivak – Can the subaltern speak?
Jurgen Habermas – Legitimation Crisis
Plato – Symposium
Friedrich Nietszche – On Truth and Falsity in their Ultramoral Sense
Donald Schon – The Structure of Reflection in Action
Alisdair McIntyre – After Virtue
Judith Butler – The Psychic Life of Power
Frederic Jameson – Postmodernism, or the Structural Logic of Late Capitalism
Hans-Georg Gadamer – Elements of a Theory of Hermeneutic Experience