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The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) is an on-line formative assessment and feedback system for middle and high schools designed to measure school-wide leadership for learning practices from the perspective of school leaders and staff.   CALL is the first validated 360° formative assessment that captures measures of leadership tasks across various school settings.

CALL on-line survey and feedback system was developed and validated at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research through a four-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The survey assesses school-wide leadership in five domains:

1. Focus on Learning

2. Monitoring Teaching and Learning

3. Building Nested Learning Communities

4. Acquiring and Allocating Resources

5. Maintaining a Safe and Effective Learning Environment

CALL provides itemized data on user responses and includes reports that provide guided feedback and suggestions to improve leadership for learning. Once a school community has completed CALL, school leaders may return to compare measures, distribute customized reports for specific groups, and track changes over time.

The task-based focus of the survey emphasizes the work that needs to be done to improve student learning, rather than the disposition or character of leaders. School administrators and teachers who have taken the survey report that the act of responding to the survey provides important feedback to the school about areas of focus for future development.

Kelley, C., Halverson, R., Blitz, M., Salisbury, J., Modeste, M., Dikkers, S. &  Camburn, E. (2012).  The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning: A Next Generation Formative Evaluation and Feedback System. Journal of Applied Research for Children.