RITI Grant Info and Grant Call

The goal of the RITI grant is to increase the use of technology in School of Education classrooms. The RITI grants call for the use of technology in the classroom that can be replicated for use by other instructors. Grant money may be used to pay for software, hardware, design consulting, and software development for the innovation. MERIT will provide limited support for specialized services free of charge; additional restrictions may apply to video production and software coding. All grant recipients will be required to be a part of a cohort for grant awardees that will be coordinated by MERIT staff. The RITI Grant specifically calls for the following qualifications:

● The innovation can be new to the grantee or experimental.
● The innovation must be well-documented to be replicable by other interested parties.
● The technology innovation must be used in a classroom or in instructional field work  to qualify.
● Grantees must participate in a yet to be determined exhibition to highlight
their innovation.
● The maximum award per grant will be $2,000 for graduate students and $5,000 for full time instructors and faculty.
● Groups may apply for a single collaborative grant and pool awards, up to $20,000.
● All applicants must be current School of Education students, faculty, or staff to qualify. We will not accept applications from outside the School of Education.
● Applicants will be responsible for IRB approval if necessary for the innovation.

Link to RITI Grant Call – 10/5/2015 Proposals due by November 18, 2015

For more information, please contact

Catherine Stephens

E-mail: catherine.stephens@wisc.edu
Phone: (608) 263-5949