Linn Posey-Maddox is an Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Posey-Maddox is a scholar of urban and suburban education with an emphasis on race, class, and educational inequality. Drawing principally on sociological perspectives, she has two related research strands. First, she is interested in the processes of demographic change in cities and metropolitan regions and the implications of these demographic changes for racial and economic integration in public schools and for race and class relations more generally. Second, she examines family-school relations, with a particular focus on how race, class, and gender shape opportunity structures and the experiences of parents and children in school and community contexts. A central concern in her research is how policy discourses and contexts intersect with the understandings and experiences of educators, students, and families. Dr. Posey-Maddox is the author of When Middle-Class Parents Choose Urban Schools: Class, Race, and the Challenge of Equity in Public Education (University of Chicago). She has published articles in journals such as Teachers College Record, The Journal of Education Policy, The British Journal of Sociology of Education, and The American Journal of Education. Both Dr. Posey-Maddox’s teaching and research are informed by her experiences as a former elementary school teacher.